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Physical Exam Specialist


Primary Care Physicians located in Mount Juliet, TN

A physical exam is a great time to check on overall health and wellness. Dr. Ashok K. Mehta is a highly-regarded primary care physician at SimplyCare in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, providing compassionate and attentive care for all patients.

Physical Exam Q & A

Why is a Physical Exam Needed?

Patients should have a physical exam at least once per year. The physical exam is the ideal time for the doctor to evaluate the patient's overall health and wellness, and it's also an opportunity for the doctor to discover emerging health issues. Even if patients are completely healthy, an exam is important in making sure that patients stay healthy. Many people need to have a physical exam before starting a new job, before getting a life insurance policy, before returning to work after time off, before traveling overseas, or to verify health before participating in a sports activity.

How Can Patients Get Ready For a Physical Exam?

It is very important for patients to inform the doctor of all current medications, so making a list of these ahead of time can be very helpful. Include not only prescription medicines but also over the counter medicines and even supplements. If any other preparation is required, the SimplyCare staff will let patients know well ahead of the appointment. If blood will be drawn at the appointment, patients may need to fast briefly prior to the appointment.

How Does a Physical Exam Work?

The patient's height, weight, and vital signs will be checked at the beginning of the appointment. The doctor will usually listen to the heart and the lungs, and will check the throat, nose, ears, and tonsils. As the doctor checks vital signs and performs other wellness checks, he will usually discuss health and wellness with the patient. This is an excellent time for the patient to mention any new health developments or concerns that he or she has had since the last appointment. Patients who need vaccinations, blood tests, urine tests, or other types of testing will often have these items completed during a physical exam as well. Physical exams can be tailored to the individual and are always a great opportunity to build on a trusted relationship with the doctor.

Do You Offer FAA Exams for Aviation Employees?

SimplyCare offers FAA physical exams for aviation employees and you may contact us for an appointment by emailing us at Forms are available for download above in the Patient Center section.

Insurance Accepted

SimplyCare is "In-Network" with essentially all commercial insurance plans (HMO and PPO) in this area. We are also in network with the TennCare programs in this area. To support our Military, our physicians are in the TriCare network as participating providers. They are also participating providers in the regular fee-for-service Medicare and Medicaid programs and the Medicare Advantage programs sponsored by the larger insurance companies. Please note: We do not participate in any HealthSpring network, including their Medicare plans because they refuse to allow us in their network.

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