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Immigration Physical Specialist


Primary Care Physicians located in Mount Juliet, TN

An immigration physical is important for new residents of the U.S., and the right doctor can make it an easy process. Dr. Ashok K. Mehta is a highly-skilled primary care physician at SimplyCare in Mt. Juliet, Tennessee and is available for people seeking a USCIS exam.

Immigration Physical Q & A

Who Needs an Immigration Physical?

People who apply for permanent resident status in the United States must have an immigration physical. People who apply for a spouse or fiance visa are also required to see a physician for an immigration physical.

What is the Purpose of an Immigration Physical?

The immigration physical is meant to prove that a person who is applying for residency doesn't suffer from a communicable disease, serious mental illness, or a drug problem. The physical is also a way to prove that the applicant has the vaccinations needed to become a resident. Any required vaccinations are priced separately from the immigration exam.

What Should Patients Bring to the Immigration Physical?

Patients need picture identification which can include a passport or other federally approved documentation. Medical records, immunization records, alien registration number, and the I-693 form should all be brought if available.

How Does the Immigration Physical Work?

The immigration physical starts with a comprehensive medical history. The doctor needs to know about all past illnesses, surgeries, and medical issues. A medical history form should be filled out prior to the appointment and will be reviewed by the doctor during the appointment. The physician must also ask questions about things that could prevent the patient from passing the immigration physical. These questions will cover topics including drug use and psychiatric issues. A chest x-ray is a standard part of an immigration physical, as this x-ray verifies that the patient is not bringing tuberculosis into the United States. The eyes, ears, nose, and throat will be examined and the physician will listen to the lungs and the heart. The doctor will do a brief skin exam as well, checking for disease on all areas of the body. If disease is discovered or suspected, blood tests may be done during the immigration physical.

How Will the Patient Get Exam Results?

The doctor will complete the USCIS form and will give it to the patient. The form will be sealed in an envelope, and it should not be opened until the time of the immigration hearing.

Click here to download and complete the UCIS I-693, Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record, and please bring to your appointment!

Insurance Accepted

SimplyCare is "In-Network" with essentially all commercial insurance plans (HMO and PPO) in this area. We are also in network with the TennCare programs in this area. To support our Military, our physicians are in the TriCare network as participating providers. They are also participating providers in the regular fee-for-service Medicare and Medicaid programs and the Medicare Advantage programs sponsored by the larger insurance companies. Please note: We do not participate in any HealthSpring network, including their Medicare plans because they refuse to allow us in their network.

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